Visit these websites to practise your reading and learn more about some of the topics in New English File Intermediate Plus.

File 1

1A - Check out the true meaning of your name, where it came from and whether it's still a popular baby name now.

1B - Everyone says that the colours you like reveal a lot about you. See whether that's right by taking these simple tests to find out how your colour preference can affect your personality, emotions and even your love life.

File 2

2A - Have you ever had a disaster while on holiday? Read some real life holiday horror stories.

2B - Watch the video and read the story about the city of Swindon, in the UK, which was once a vibrant shopping centre and is now full of empty, closed stores.

File 3

3A - We've all heard about a mid-life crisis, but have you heard about a quarter-life crisis? Read about the signs, and see if you think you're having one or have had one in the past.

3B - Check out more of Annie Leibowitz's incredible celebrity portraits – this time, all the celebrities are shot as famous Disney movie scenes! Can you guess which film each shot is from? (Note: this site works best on Firefox or Google Chrome)

File 4

4A - Did you know there are lots of free websites where you can sell or give away things you no longer need? Take a look at this one and see what people are giving away in your area. You might just find the thing you've been looking for!

4B - Read about the top businesses in the UK to do an internship, as voted by interns themselves.

File 5

5A - Are you a TV addict? Do the quiz below to find out.

5B - Read these journalists' arguments for and against city and country living.

File 6

6A - Have you always wanted to find out how to repair a broken lock, or fix the shower? On this website you can learn a new skill and improve your home at the same time.

6B - Read about people's terrible customer service experiences.


File 7

7A - Read the story of three students who found $40,000 (£24,000) hidden in their new sofa and find out what they did with the money.

7B - Research some of the fun things to do on a night out where you live.

File 8

Upload a picture of yourself and discover which hairstyles are recommended for your face shape.

Take this world history quiz.

File 9

9A - Take this memory challenge to see how well you can remember what you've just seen.

9B - Read about some more wedding disasters from around the world.

File 10

10A - Read about some American stereotypes that may or may not be true.

10B - If you think school exams are hard, you might not be the best person to take these impossible tests.