Visit these websites to practise your reading and learn more about some of the topics in New English File Upper-intermediate.

1A – Read some more interviews from The Guardian's Q&A series. Which of the people do you find most interesting?

1B – Find out more about handwriting analysis. Is any of the writing like yours?
Tell students to go to the first link and read the instructions. They then follow these instructions to prepare their own writing sample (tell them to write in their own language). They then swap their samples with a partner. Then direct them to the second link, (‘Examples’ on the left hand said of the page), and tell them to read the information on analysing handwriting, using what they read to make an analysis of the new sample. Tell them to note their conclusions on the sample sheet (in English, this time), and then swap back their papers. They then read the analysis of their handwriting and feedback with their partner. Do they agree with their analysis? How did they come to their conclusions?

1C – Do a first aid quiz. Would you know what to do in a crisis?

2A – Read different people’s opinions on what to wear for an interview. Which piece of advice do you agree with most strongly?

2B – Read 20 tips for a better flight. Do you agree with the advice?

2C – Read some more mini-sagas and learn some tips on how to write your own.

3A – Read about how to avoid being a victim of crime. Does the text contain useful advice?

3B – Find out more about tropical cyclones, tsunamis, tornadoes, thunderstorms, droughts, and blizzards.
Divide the class into groups, one per weather topic, and direct each group to a different one of the links. Tell students to note down some interesting facts about their weather topic. Groups then mingle and exchange information. What facts were most interesting? What surprised them? Do they have experience of these types of weather?

3C – Are you a risk taker? Take this quiz to find out.

4A – How much do you know about survival in the wilderness? Read this and find out.

4B – Take the 'Arguing Style' quiz to find out what your arguing style is.

4C – Do a 'smile quiz'. Can you tell when a smile is true or false?

5A – Read about a music psychology research experiment. What do you think of the conclusions?

5C – Read about the media habits of young people in the UK. Do the facts surprise you?

6A – Read some famous speeches of the 20th century. Have you heard or read any of them before?

6B – Find out what happened to the young people who appeared in Amish in the City.

6C – Read about some modern inventions and their inventors. Which story is the most interesting?

7A – Read the opinions of older people about modern life. Do you agree?

7B – Read the results of a survey and find out how honest the British really are.

7C – Find out about more words that have come into English from different languages. How many of the words do you know?