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Crosswords Crossword
• Read the clues. • Click on a clue and write your answer in the grid. • To see the correct answer, click on the see answer button. • Click on the start again button to start the crossword again.

Wordsearch's Wordsearch
Select a level. • Level 1: words go from left to right. • Level 2: words go from left to right and top to bottom. • To select a word, click on the first letter and last letter of the word.


The Frog GameThe Anteater Game
Read the question in the box. • Move the Anteater UP and DOWN with the ARROW KEYS. • Press SPACE to eat the ant with the correct word. • There are six questions and six ants to eat.

Go To SchoolGo to school
Click on the start button to start the game. • Read the word or number on the book. • Type your answer in the box and press ENTER.

The Space GameThe Space Game
Click on the start button to start the game. • Move your spaceship over the words in the correct order. • There are six sentences to complete.


Stress MonstersStress Monsters
Choose a difficulty level and a File. • Move the submarine LEFT and RIGHT with the ARROW KEYS. • Press SPACE to identify the stress on the word. You have 3 lives.

Text Builder

Text BuilderText Builder
Practise your English with a New English File text. • Choose a lesson and then a text. • Read the text, and then take out some or all of the words. • Type the missing words into the text box to rebuild the text again. • How quickly can you do it?