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Everybody Up 2nd Edition Online Play
Tips for Parents


Hi! Welcome to Everybody Up Online Play! This is a place where your child can practice English in many ways. Your child can play fun games, watch videos, sing songs, and make things like greeting cards, bookmarks, and more! Online Play is a great place to learn and have fun at the same time. Below are tips and information to help you support your child in the different areas of Online Play.


Games are very useful for children who are learning English. Games create a learning experience that is fun, challenging, and very engaging. This helps children remember and use new vocabulary and knowledge. Also, games provide instant feedback as children play. This allows children to make mistakes and learn from them in a friendly, consequence-free environment. Finally, games can provide children with a sense of achievement, leading to increased confidence and pride.


Everybody Up videos will take your child on a virtual field trip all around the world! These entertaining, documentary-style videos combine real-world content with Everybody Up language and grammar structures. Have your child watch the videos several times; repeated viewings can help to strengthen understanding of a topic and to reinforce pronunciation.


Songs are a great way for children to learn and practice English. The songs in Everybody Up reinforce the vocabulary, grammar structures, and pronunciation that your child has learned in class. By listening to and singing these songs, your child will receive and produce language, and they will have fun doing it! Encourage your child to create gestures to go along with the songs. Gestures can help your child to understand and internalize the meaning of the songs' lyrics.

Dictionary (Levels Starter – 4)

Building one's vocabulary is very important when learning a language. The Everybody Up Picture Dictionary is a vocabulary resource that your child can come back to again and again. All of the vocabulary words, images, and audio from your child's Student Book are collected in the Picture Dictionary. Encourage your child to use this resource to enrich his or her vocabulary recognition, spelling, and pronunciation.

Make It!

Have your child express his or her creativity by using the Everybody Up downloadable resources. Children can color Everybody Up characters. They can create greeting cards for special occasions. Children can print out calendars and bookmarks, and even download Everybody Up wallpaper to their computer. Finally, children can use the Values Chart to reflect on which values they uphold well and which they still need to work on, in terms of being kind, polite, helpful, and so on. Have your child use these hands-on resources to further engage with the characters and content of Everybody Up!