Test 1: The present simple and present continuous

Choose the correct answer.

  1. I orange juice.
  2. Andy and Lucy with us at the moment.
  3. We to school every day.
  4. What ? ~ I'm listening to my new MP3 player.
  5. I my friends in the café after school on Fridays.
  6. Look! Sidney his school uniform!
  7. Do you want to play football? ~ Not now. I dinner.
  8. What for breakfast?
  9. Have you got any ice cream?
  10. Jamie Chandler?
  11. I for a present but I can't find anything good.
  12. Is football your favourite sport? ~ Yes, but I basketball too.
  13. My brother and I early at the weekend.
  14. Are your parents working at the moment? ~ No, they .
  15. My baby sister all the time.