Test 3: Possessive pronouns

Choose the correct answer.

  1. Did you find trainers?
  2. That's favourite film.
  3. Are those comics ?
  4. I enjoyed learning about lives.
  5. The dog was playing with ball.
  6. Judy, is this watch ?
  7. That's Theo's house. is on the next street.
  8. You should see Jess's photos. are much better than mine.
  9. Isn't that CD ours? ~ No, it isn't .
  10. I need to find Mandy. I took jacket by mistake.
  11. Everyone says that they enjoyed party.
  12. We didn't have a football so we borrowed .
  13. Is this Emma's bag? ~ No, is over there.
  14. Maria's always lived in England but parents are Spanish.
  15. Do you both look like parents?