Test 4: 'Will', 'won't' and future time expressions

Choose the correct answer.

  1. Everyone more free time in the future.
  2. I speak to you soon.
  3. I think that people all their shopping on the Internet.
  4. At my new school, I have to wear a school uniform.
  5. Don't eat all the apples. There any for us.
  6. famous one day?
  7. Will there be a lot of people at the concert? ~ Yes, .
  8. Louise and Holly be at your party?
  9. Will there be a swimming pool at the campsite? ~ No, there .
  10. We'll see you .
  11. Leo will be thirteen in a .
  12. Do you think it will snow ?
  13. Jenny won't be here .
  14. Let's go shopping together .
  15. Where will you be ten years' time?