Test 7: Object pronouns

Choose the correct answer.

  1. What did you do with the trophy? ~ I gave to the teacher.
  2. Take the lettuce and wash in cold water.
  3. Did you like reading this book? ~ Yes, I liked very much.
  4. Carla and Heidi never want to play with .
  5. Did you have fun this weekend? ~ Yes, had a great time!
  6. I'd like to tell a story. Are you listening?
  7. quite tall for my age?
  8. Have you seen Clare? ~ No, I haven't seen .
  9. Fiona isn't in my class but is in my school.
  10. Could you find Molly and tell to come here, please?
  11. Are your boots?
  12. William went into town but didn't buy anything.
  13. Is that your cat? ~ No, it just followed .
  14. The lights are bright in here. Could you switch off?
  15. Who's ? ~ He's our new neighbour.