Read all about sleeping near sharks

First print this page. Then click on this link: Sleeping near sharks

Find the answers to these questions. Remember: you DON’T have to understand every word!

1   How old is Glen?

2   Is Glen a boy or a girl? ____________________________________
What word tells you? _____________________________________
3   Find a word that means sleeping in a different place.

4   Where did Glen sleep?
at The ________________________ ________________________
5   How many other children were there? Circle the correct answer.
a) 17 b) 18 c) 19
6   What did Glen have to take?
_________________, _________________, __________________
7   When did it start?

8   What did the children do? Circle the correct answers.
a) They played games.  b) They swam.  c) They had a treasure hunt.

d) They wrote about sharks.  e) They learnt about fish.  f) They ate.
9   What is the most important thing that Glen learned?
That ________ _________ _________ ______________________
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