Read all about a dog-walking world record

First print this page. Then click on this link: Dog-walking

Find the answers to these questions. Remember: you DON’T have to understand every word!

1   What’s Deonne’s dog’s name?

2   When was the dog-walking record set in Texas?

3   For a world record, how many dogs had to walk?
more than ______________________________________________
4   three miles: 1 mile = about 1.6 kilometres
How long was the walk in kilometres? _________________________
5   Why is Danny the dog famous?
He won the competition Crufts ________ _______ _______ ______
6   What time did Deonne and her dog set off
At ____________________________________________________
7   Who did Deonne meet from her family?
Her ____________________ and his dog, ____________________
8   Why did they want to raise money? Circle the correct answer.
a) To help dogs   b) To help a veterinary hospital   c) To help a school
9   What was the weather like? Circle the correct answer.
a) Very good   b) OK   c) Bad
9   Did they beat the world record?