Read all about a boy drummer

First print this page. Then click on this link: Boy drummer.

Find the answers to these questions. Remember: you DON'T have to understand every word!

1   What's the boy's name?

2   How old is he?

3   Which orchestra does he play with?
the ________________________________ Philharmonic Orchestra
4   Who is Lung Heung-Wing?

5   Is it the boy's first time in the UK?

6   How often does he practise before a concert?
__________________ each week, __________________ each day
7   What other instrument does he play?
the ___________________________________________________
8   What did he feel about being on television? Circle the correct answers.
It was ...    a) boring            b) exciting            c) scary           d) funny
9   Does he make mistakes?

10   Does he know the Harry Potter books? Circle the correct answer.
Yes          No
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