Read all about tennis ball boys and ball girls

First print this page. Then click on this link: Tennis ball boys and ball girls

Find the answers to these questions. Remember: you DON’T have to understand every word!

1   How old is he?

2   Find a word that means ‘friend’.

3   How long did he train during the school half term holiday?
up to _______________________________________________ a day
4   Why does he like it? Make sentences.
  He makes
It's good
He meets
tennis stars.
lots of new friends .
5   How old is she?

6   Why did she want to be a ball girl? Circle the correct answer.
a) She saw a programme on TV.   b) She heard about it on the radio.

c) A friend told her about it.   d) She saw an advert in a newspaper.
7   Why is Shanice working on the score board this year?
Because she's _____________________________ to be a ball person.
8   How many balls do you have to hold in each hand?

9   Do the ball girls and ball boys have to buy their own kit and baseball hat?

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