Read all about views on football

First print this page. Then click on this link: Views on football

Find the answers to these questions. Remember: you DON’T have to understand every word!

1   Who says football is ‘the most boring sport in the world’?

2   What short word for ‘football’ does Joe use?

3   What does the American girl call football?
up to ______________________________________________ a day
4   How many people prefer rugby?
  He makes
It's good
He meets
tennis stars.
lots of new friends .
5   Who plays football with her friends but can't play it at school?

6   Who played for Arsenal under 14s?
a) She saw a programme on TV.   b) She heard about it on the radio.

c) A friend told her about it.   d) She saw an advert in a newspaper.
7   Who says that people should play what they want to play?
Because she's ____________________________ to be a ball person.
  (Netball is like basketball, but you stand still when you throw the ball.)
8   Who likes netball?
__________________, __________________, __________________
9   Who sends a text message about netball?

10   Complete this sentence from her text message using the correct spelling.
Netball is _____ ____ footie. _ play ___ my ____ and a club in Glasgow.
11   Who do you agree with?

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