Úkol 1

Přečti si text a JEDNÍM slovem zapiš odpovědi.

My name is Emily. I'm ten years old. I'm from Canada. I like school and playing in the park. I can play the piano. I can't play the guitar. I like animals. My favourite magazine is Animal Friends. I've got a white hamster, a cat and two rabbits. My cat is small and black. My brother Jack has got a skateboard and a bike. Jack likes animals, too. Jack's dog is big and fat.


  1. How old is Emily? ten
  2. What country is she from? Canada
  3. What musical instrument can Emily play? piano
  4. What colour is her hamster? white
  5. How many animals has Jack got? one

Úkol 2

Poslouchej a rozhodni, zda jsou věty pravdivé (P), nebo nepravdivé (N).
Napiš P pro pravdiv√© a N pro nepravdivé věty.


  1. Flossy is in the street. N
  2. Flossy is in the garage. P
  3. There are big footprints and small footprints. P
  4. Flossy's got four puppies. N