Úkol 1

Přečti si oba texty a odpovĕz stručnĕ na otázky.

On Sundays Simon gets up at nine o'clock. He has breakfast and then he watches television. After lunch, he always goes to his friend Jack’s house. They sometimes play football or computer games. In the evening, he reads books. He goes to bed at half past nine.

On Sundays Sophia has breakfast at half past seven. In the morning, she goes swimming with her sister. After lunch, she goes to the park and plays tennis. Sometimes she goes to the cinema. In the evening, she watches her favourite programme on television. She goes to bed at half past eight.


  1. What time does Simon get up? at nine o'clock
  2. What does Simon do in the evening? he reads books
  3. Where does Sophia go with her sister? swimming
  4. What sport does Sophia play in the park? tennis
  5. What time does Sophia go to bed? at half past eight

Úkol 2

Vyber a napiš do textu správná slova:

  • gets up
  • wears
  • doesn't use
  • brings
  • is


Mike is a postman. He gets up at half past six. He brings the cards and letters to every house. He wears a uniform and he drives a car. He doesn't use a computer.