Here are some more instructions for the activities on the website. If you have problems with the crossword, wordsearch, games, or Test Builder, make sure you have the latest Flash Player.

Vocabulary and Grammar

Read the clues. Click on a clue and write your answer in the grid. To see the correct answer, click on the see answer button. Click on the start again button to start the crossword again.

Select a level. Level 1: words go from left to right. Level 2: words go from left to right and top to bottom.To select a word, click on the first letter and last letter of the word.


The Dolphin GameThe Dolphin Game
Read the question in the box. Move the dolphin UP and DOWN with the ARROW KEYS. Press SPACE to pass the ball to the dolphin with the correct word.There are six questions to complete.

The marble gameThe Marble Game
Click on the start timer button to start the game. Match two words by clicking on the marbles. Click on the scores button to see your scores.

The Space GameThe Space Game
Click on the start button to start the game. Move your spaceship over the words in the correct order.
There are six sentences to complete.

Test Builder

Test BuilderTest Builder
Choose the grammar sections you want to build a test with. Click on the "Start". You can do the test on the computer, or you can print it. If you do the test on the computer, remember you can print your feedback.