Expressing attitude

Read and listen to the conversation. Then click one of the 'Hide/Show' buttons. Complete the conversation and then listen and check.


A: Have you heard about Sam?

B: No, I haven't.

A: Well, I haven't spoken to him myself, but, apparently, he was caught cheating in his Maths exam.

B: No kidding! I can't believe that. Does he have a problem with Maths?

A: No. Actually, Maths is his best subject.

B: Really? So why would he cheat? He doesn't need to.

A: Exactly. And anyway, Sam's not the type to cheat.

B: He must be very upset. Presumably, he's going to complain.

A: Yeah, he's seeing the principal this afternoon. Obviously, he's going to deny it completely.

Well, hopefully, the principal will believe him. Let me know what happens.

I will. Personally, I think he'll be OK.

I hope you're right. Cheers. See you later.

Yeah. Fingers crossed for Sam. Bye.