Ending a conversation

Read and listen to the conversation. Then click one of the 'Hide/Show' buttons. Complete the conversation and then listen and check.


A: So Barry. It was good to talk to you. Thanks very much for phoning.

B: My pleasure. By the way, how's your golf these days? Still playing?

A: No, not much. I just don't seem to find the time these days. Anyway, Barry ...

B: What a shame! You used to enjoy it so much.

A: It's true. Right Barry. I must fly. I'm late for a meeting.

B: OK. I don't want to keep you. So, you'll give me a ring when you're back, right?

A: I certainly will. And you'll email me a copy of the report?

B: It'll be with you first thing tomorrow.

A: That's great Barry. Have a good weekend!

B: Same to you too! Bye, Andy.