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Your two cheeks are on either side of your face below your eyes.

  • When they met, they kissed on both cheeks.
Check out collocations with adjectives
  • rosy cheeks
  • chubby cheeks
  • pink cheeks
  • pale cheeks

Check out collocations with verbs

  • kiss someone on the cheek
  • slap someone on the cheek

Check out expressions

  • They danced cheek to cheek.
    (= with cheeks touching/very close)
  • He turned the other cheek. (= although someone was rude to him, he did not respond)
  • He said it with tongue in cheek.
    (= not seriously)
Check out its other meaning

Cheek can also mean behaviour that is rude or lacking in respect. The adjective is cheeky.

  • She just called me old-fashioned and boring. What a cheek!
    (= it wasn't respectful)
  • You have a cheek. You haven't done any work, and now you ask me for money!
  • They are very cheeky children. They are often rude to people older than them.
  • Don't be cheeky!
  • He has a very cheeky grin.
    (= not respectful, but in an attractive way)

Check out related words
  • chin
  • rude
  • naughty
  • disrespectful

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