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Support means to carry the weight of something.

  • The beam supports the weight of the ceiling.

You can also use support to show that you are in favour of or agree with something, or provide money or food to help it.

  • Personally, I don't support this war.
  • She wrote an article that supported Professor Hughes' new theory.
  • I support Real Madrid. They're my favourite team.
  • He gave over a million pounds to support his favourite charity.
  • When I was unemployed, my family supported me.
  • Tropical rainforests support a lot of wildlife.
Check out collocations

Verb + noun

  • support an argument
  • support a claim
  • support a theory
  • support a charity
  • support a football team
  • support your family

Adjective + noun

  • complete support
  • full support
  • enthusiastic support
  • unanimous support
  • wholehearted support
  • widespread support

Check out the noun
  • The politician won support for his argument.
  • The demonstrators marched on parliament in support of the campaign.
  • Thanks to the support of all my friends, I have recovered quickly.
  • The charity depends on our support.

Check out suffixes
  • supporter
    Marc is an enthusiastic Arsenal supporter.
  • supporting
    Kate Hunslett had a supporting role in the latest film starring George Gooney and Julia Rabbit.
  • supportive
    My family has been very supportive during my illness. They have helped a lot.

Check out other related words
  • hold
  • carry
  • bear
  • provide

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