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To miss has many meanings, often connected with failing to do something.

  • He threw the ball at the target, but it missed.
    ( = he failed to hit it)
  • I arrived late, and missed the start of the meeting.
    ( = I failed to be present)
  • I'm sorry, I missed what you said.
    ( = I failed to hear)
  • The cinema is the first on the left. You can't miss it.
    ( = can't fail to see)
  • I really should have accepted the job. I missed my chance.
    ( = I failed to take the opportunity)
  • She left early to miss the traffic.
    ( = to avoid)
  • There are two pens missing. Have you seen them?
    ( = absent/not present)
  • I miss you very much. Please come home.
    ( = feel regret or sadness because someone is absent)
Check out phrasal verbs
  • miss out
    I've missed out the third paragraph because it's not important.
    ( = not included)
    If you don't do it, you'll feel you've missed out.
    ( = missed an opportunity)
    Don't miss out on our latest computer offer.
    ( = miss the opportunity)
Check out expressions
  • You've missed the point.
    ( = You've misunderstood my argument)
  • She missed the boat.
    ( = She was too slow to take advantage of an opportunity)
  • She doesn't miss much.
    ( = She is quick to understand what is happening)
  • Don't worry. You haven't missed much.
    ( = Nothing interesting has happened)
  • She doesn't miss a trick.
    ( = She is very quick and sharp)
  • It was too good to miss.
    ( = It was too interesting or cheap to say no to)
  • I wouldn't miss it for the world.
    ( = I really want to do it/go there)
  • I'm tired. I think I'll give the gym a miss tonight.
    ( = I won't go on this occasion)
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  • lose
  • fail
  • avoid
  • regret

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