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Cheap means low in price, good value, or of poor quality.

  • My local supermarket is very cheap. The prices are very low.
  • The flight to Madrid costs £100, which is very cheap for this time of year.
  • He wears very cheap shoes. I'm not surprised that they've fallen apart.

If you make someone feel cheap, you make them feel bad about themselves.

  • What you said to her was horrible. It made her feel cheap.
Check out collocations
  • a cheap ticket
    ( = low in cost)
  • a cheap trick
    ( = an unfair and unkind action against someone)
  • a cheap joke
    ( = an unkind and rather obvious joke against someone)
  • cheap flattery
    ( = insincere flattery)
  • a cheap imitation
    ( = a poor imitation)
  • a cheap thrill
    ( = exciting but unsatisfying)
  • cheap and nasty
    ( = inexpensive and of poor quality)
  • cheap and cheerful
    ( = inexpensive but of reasonable quality)
  • cheap labour
    ( = low-paid workers)
Check out expressions
  • It was cheap at half the price.
    ( = It was very good value)
  • He decorated his house on the cheap.
    ( = He did it using inexpensive, low quality materials)
  • It doesn't come cheap.
    ( = It's expensive)
  • It's going cheap.
    ( = It's being sold at a very low price)
  • It's dirt cheap.
    ( = It's very inexpensive)
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  • expensive
  • tacky
  • worthless
  • disrespectful

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