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To laugh means to make a noise that shows you find something funny or you're very happy.

  • The comedian was very funny. We laughed out loud.

You can also laugh when you're nervous, or to make fun of someone.

  • Paula gave a nervous laugh, then went in for her job interview.
  • Everybody laughed at Jim because he looked so stupid.

Check out phrasal verbs

  • laugh sth off
    ( = to ignore)
    The reviews for my early plays were terrible, but I just laughed them off, and continued writing.
  • laugh sb down
    ( = to laugh at someone so much that they can't continue with a public speech)
    The politician began his speech, but everyone treated him with ridicule. They laughed him down.

Check out expressions

  • Monica just laughed in his face.
    (= she didn't show him any respect)
  • I don't know whether to laugh or cry.
    ( = I'm not sure how to react to this bad news)
  • It's no laughing matter.
    ( = you should take this more seriously)
  • Sally was laughing all the way to the bank.
    ( = she made a lot of money easily)
  • You'll be laughing on the other side of your face in a minute.
    ( = something will happen to stop you feeling so pleased)
  • The audience laughed their heads off.
    ( = they found it very funny)
  • We always have a laugh when we go out together.
    ( = we have fun)
  • Philip had the last laugh.
    ( = everyone laughed when he was at first unsuccessful, but then he tried again and was successful)
  • Jenny is good for a laugh.
    ( = Jenny is fun to be with)

Check out other related words

  • giggle
  • chuckle

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