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If you feel upset, you are sad, worried or angry about something.

  • I was upset because I failed the exam.
  • I'm upset because you lied to me.

To upset someone means to make them feel sad, worried or angry.

  • I'm sorry I upset you. I didn't mean to be rude.

To upset can also mean to spoil plans, to spill or to defeat (unexpectedly).

  • The bad weather managed to upset all our plans for the wedding.
  • Bill upset the vase and spilled water all over the floor.
  • There was a huge upset in the first round when the champion was beaten.
Check out collocations

Verb + preposition

  • upset about
    I was upset about losing.
  • upset over
    I was upset over what you said.
  • upset by
    I was upset by the documentary about homeless children.

Adverb + adjective / verb

  • really upset
  • terribly/dreadfully upset

Adjective + noun

  • a tummy/stomach upset
    ( = your stomach feels a bit unwell)
  • a huge/major upset
    ( = a surprise defeat in a tournament)
Check out expressions
  • Don't upset yourself.
    ( = Don't worry./Don't cry)
  • She managed to upset the applecart.
    ( = She ruined the plans)
  • It was very upsetting.
    ( = It made me feel sad)
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  • hurt
  • worried
  • spoil
  • spill
  • beat

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