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Chat means to talk in a friendly, informal way.

  • I spent the morning chatting to my neighbour about her children.
  • John and I had a nice, long chat about gardening.
Check out prepositions and phrasal verbs used with chat
  • I was chatting to Claire this morning and she told me about your accident.
  • When I arrived, my mum was chatting with the neighbours.
  • Mrs Jones and Mrs Smith were chatting about the weather.
  • He just chatted away. I couldn't stop him talking.
  • Pauline was chatted up by a guy in a pub last night. He said she had beautiful eyes.
Check out collocations with the noun

The following adjectives often collocate with chat.

  • a friendly chat
  • a cosy chat
  • a brief chat
  • a little chat
  • a confidential chat
Check out chatty
  • a chatty person likes talking
  • a chatty letter is friendly and informal
  • If you're in a chatty mood, it means you want to talk a lot today.
Check out phrases
  • a chat show
    ( = a TV or radio show where famous people are interviewed)
  • a chat line
    ( = a telephone service where you phone other people to talk to for fun)
  • a chat-up line
    ( = something you say to someone you are attracted to)
  • a chatterbox
    ( = someone who talks too much)
  • the chattering classes
    ( = educated middle class people, especially in the media, who like to express their opinions)
Check out other related words
  • talk
  • gossip
  • natter

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