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Save has many meanings. You can save many things.

  • He rescued him from the sea. He saved his life.
    ( = rescued)
  • He wants to save the planet.
    ( = protect)
  • Taking the express train saves time.
    ( = avoids using)
  • Buying in large quantities saves money.
    ( = avoids using)
  • I'm trying to save money for my holidays.
    ( = collect)
  • Don't eat it all. Well save the rest for later.
    ( = keep/store)
  • Could you save that file before switching the computer off?
    ( = keep/store)
  • The goalkeeper saved the penalty.
    ( = stopped)
Check out phrasal verbs
  • save on costs
    ( = to economise)
    You can save a lot of money on heating by wearing warm clothes.
  • save up for sth
    I'm saving up for my holidays.
Check out expressions
  • If you can't do something to save your life, then you are useless at something.
    He can't sing to save his life!
  • If you should save your breath, then it is useless to continue talking.
    Save your breath. He isn't listening to you.
  • If you save the day, you do something to rescue a bad situation.
    We were in the mountains, and it was raining, but dad arrived with the car and saved the day.
  • If you save face, you do something that allows people to avoid embarrassment.
    The two countries managed to compromise, which enabled them both to save face.
  • If you save someone from themselves, you stop them behaving in a way that causes harm or embarrassment.
    The manager took the player off the field because he was so angry he was going to hit somebody. He saved him from himself.
  • If you save somebody's skin/neck/bacon, you prevent them from being in a bad situation.
    Peter saved my skin by telling my wife that I had been with him all day!
  • If you save room for something when you're eating, you eat less of one thing so that you'll be able to eat more of another.
    I won't have any more pasta, thank you. I'm saving room for the dessert. It looks fantastic.
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  • keep
  • rescue
  • store
  • protect

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