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If you put one foot in front of another, you take a step.

  • I'm exhausted. I can't take another step.

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  • One of a series of actions or stages in a process

The peace conference was an important step on the way to peace in the region.
I see this job as a useful step on my way to getting the job I really want.

  • A flat piece of wood or stone that allows you to walk up or down

She sat on the third step of the staircase.
There were steps leading down to the beach.
There was a steep flight of steps that led to the top of the tower.

Check out collocations and expressions

  • retrace your steps
    ( = go back the way you came)
    We had to retrace our steps because we were lost.
  • mind your step
    ( = be careful where you put your feet)
    It's very icy here. Mind your step.
  • take steps
    (take some action to achieve something)
    The government took steps to stop the illegal action by the miners.

Check out the verb and phrasal verbs

To step means to move by putting one foot in front of the other.

  • He stepped up to the front of the crowd and demanded action.
  • step down
    ( = resign or retire)
    After twenty years of service, the managing director of the company stepped down.
  • step forward
    ( = volunteer/offer help)
    When I was in trouble, it was Jenny who stepped forward and offered support.
  • step in
    ( = become involved in order to help)
    The dispute between management and workers became so serious that the government stepped in.
  • step up
    ( = increase)
    Now that the tournament has reached the semi-final stage, the pressure has been stepped up for all the teams left.

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  • walk
  • footstep
  • stride
  • pace
  • stair

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