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To fit means to be the right size.

  • The great thing about my mobile phone is that it fits in my back pocket.
  • My new shoes don't fit. The are too tight.

To fit can also mean to be suitable or to be right.

  • The company hired David Beckham to advertise their products because his image fits that of the company.
  • The carpet doesn't look right. It doesn't fit with the rest of the décor.
  • The woman's story didn't fit, so the police decided to interview her again.

Check out phrasal verbs

  • fit in
    ( = be accepted)
    Paul found it difficult to fit in at his new school.
  • fit in (with)
    ( = be part of a plan, group, situation)
    We didn't go to the castle because it didn't fit in with our travel plans.
  • fit out
    ( = equip)
    Last week, they fitted out our offices with new furniture.

Check out expressions

  • The man on the left fits the description of the murderer.
    ( = is similar to)
  • My new coat fits like a glove.
    ( = is exactly the right size)
  • My new car really fits the bill.
    ( = it has the qualities I want)

Check out the noun

  • A fit is an uncontrollable physical or emotional reaction, like laughing, coughing, anger or panic.

a fit of laughter
a sneezing fit
a fit of jealousy

  • An epileptic fit happens when you suddenly start shaking.
  • A good fit is used to describe when something is the right size. A tight fit means that it's nearly too small.

Check out other related words

  • suit
  • match
  • belong

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