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point (noun)


Point has many meanings.

  • the sharp end of something

    I like to have a really sharp point on my pencil.
  • a decimal point

Two point six centimetres (2.6 cm)

  • a small area of light or colour

He saw a point of light in the sky.

  • a moment in time

Jeff started shouting, and it was at this point that I left.

  • a particular place

Fighting broke out at several points around the city.

  • a way of scoring

Lennox Lewis won the boxing match on points.

  • a discussion topic

Sheila summarised the main points that came up in the discussion.

  • an argument

What point are you trying to make? I can't follow your argument.

Check out expressions

  • What's the point?
    ( = I don't see why I'm doing this)
  • There's no point in doing this.
    ( = There's no reason to do this)
  • Get to the point!
    ( = Stop talking so much and finish your argument)
  • It's beside the point.
    ( = It's irrelevant)
  • You've made your point.
    ( = I have listened to and understood your point of view, so stop)
  • It's a sore point.
    ( = It annoys me, so don't talk about it)
  • You've got a point./ Point taken.
    ( = I admit, that's a convincing argument)
  • I agree with you up to a point.
    ( = I agree – but not completely)

Check out verb and adjective collocations

  • verbs

make a point
raise a point
labour a point ( = to talk about it too much)
prove a point

  • adjectives

a crucial point
a focal point
a key point
the main point

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  • dot
  • spot
  • argument
  • viewpoint
  • opinion

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