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hit (verb)

To hit means to move quickly into an object or surface with a lot of force.

You can hit things accidentally with part of your body.

  • I hit my knee on the corner of the desk as I stood up.

You can hit people or things deliberately with your hand or an object like a bat or racquet.

  • Mum! Stephen hit me in the stomach. Tell him not to!
  • Roddick hit a beautiful backhand down the line to win the tennis match.

Objects like cars, bullets and bombs can hit things.

  • It was a terrible accident. The car went out of control and hit a wall.
  • The bullet hit him in the right shoulder.
  • One of the missiles hit the hospital

Check out other meanings of hit

  • to have a bad effect

When her mother died, it hit her very hard.

  • to realise

Then it suddenly hit me. I realised that if I opened the restaurant on Sundays I would double my money.

  • to reach

I'm having a party because I hit forty in November.
When you hit the ring road, take the first left.
If you hit a problem, give me a ring. I'll help.

Check out expressions

  • She hit on an idea.
    ( = She had an idea)
  • He hit back at his critics.
    ( = He responded to his critics)
  • They hit it off straightaway.
    ( = They liked each other immediately)
  • Let's hit the road.
    ( = Let's start (on the journey)
  • You've hit the nail on the head.
    ( = You are exactly right)
  • I'm tired. I'm going to hit the sack.
    ( = I'm going to go to bed)
  • She'll hit the roof when you tell her.
    ( = She'll be very angry)
  • He won't know what's hit him.
    ( = He'll be very shocked when it happens)
  • The new company hit the ground running.
    ( = It was successful from the start)

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  • beat
  • punch
  • strike
  • affect
  • reach

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