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clear (adjective)


Clear has many meanings.

  • easy to see through

    We went diving, and saw a lot of fish because the sea was clear.
  • not cloudy

We had a lovely holiday – clear skies every day.

  • easy to see or hear

Sue has a lovely, clear singing voice.

  • easy to understand

The teacher gave a very clear explanation of the grammar.

  • obvious/definite

It's clear that she doesn't really love him.
Coming into the final straight, the athlete had a clear lead over his rivals.

Check out common collocations

A clear road has no traffic or obstacles on it.

You have a clear conscience if you haven't done anything wrong.

In a race, the clear favourite is the person everybody expects to win.

Clear instructions are easy to follow.

A clear profit is a definite profit.

Check out expressions

  • Her voice is as clear as a bell.
    ( = It's easy to hear)
  • You must know what I mean. It's as clear as day.
    ( = It's obvious)
  • His explanation was as clear as mud.
    ( = It was difficult to understand)
  • It's important to keep a clear head when you are in important discussions.
    ( = not get confused)
  • You can come out. The coast is clear.
    ( = There is nobody around who will see you)
  • You mustn't do that again! Do I make myself clear?
    ( = Do you understand that I'm warning you seriously?)

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  • obvious
  • evident

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