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If something is funny, it makes you laugh.

  • Jack told us a really funny joke.

Funny can also mean strange and peculiar (and a bit suspicious).

  • This sandwich tastes really funny. What's in it?
  • There's something funny about the way he does business. I don't trust him.

(If someone says that a person is funny, a British person might ask, 'Do you mean funny peculiar or funny ha-ha?')

Check out expressions

  • funny little ( = strange and small)
    He's got a funny little house. It's like a caravan.
  • funny old ( = surprising and unusual)
    It's a funny old world. The most unexpected things happen.
  • feel funny ( = feel a bit ill)
    I feel funny. Could I sit down for a moment?
  • the funny thing is ( = what's strange is that)
    The weather was awful, but, the funny thing is, nobody seemed to notice.
  • go funny ( = stop working properly)
    My mobile phone's gone funny. It doesn't work anymore.
  • see the funny side ( = realise that bad situations can be amusing)
    Sue had a disastrous day at work, but she managed to see the funny side of it later.

Check out compounds and collocations

  • a funny story ( = amusing)
  • a funny mood ( = strange/bad-tempered)
  • funny business ( = dishonest activities)
  • the funny bone ( = the part of the elbow that hurts when you hit it)
  • funny-looking ( = unusual in appearance)

Check out other related words

  • amusing
  • humorous
  • hilarious
  • strange
  • odd
  • fun

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