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To draw means to make a picture with a pencil or pen.

  • At school today the children drew a picture of their parents.

Check out other meanings of draw

  • to pull out or across

Could you draw the curtains? It's dark outside.
The gangster drew a gun from his belt.

  • to select

Nowadays, politicians are drawn from all levels of society.
Manchester United have drawn Juventus in the semi-final.
The magician asked me to choose a card. I drew the ace of hearts, and he told me which card I had without looking at it.

  • to move slowly

    As the ship drew near the shore we saw our family waiting for us.
    We ran out of petrol. The car slowed down then gradually drew to a halt.
  • to get ideas from

The writer drew inspiration from her difficult childhood.

  • to have the same score in a game

Here's a football result. Valencia have drawn with Liverpool, 1 – 1.

Check out phrasal verbs

  • The train drew away from the station.
    ( = It slowly moved out of the station)
  • She drew back in horror.
    ( = She was so afraid she moved away)
  • The winter nights are drawing in.
    ( = It's getting darker)
  • It wasn't easy to draw him out.
    ( = He was reluctant to speak)
  • I'm just going into the bank. I need to draw some money out.
    ( = I need to take some money out of my account)
  • The police have drawn up guidelines.
    ( = They have produced a document that advises people what to do)

Check out expressions

  • The police drew a blank.
    ( = They found nothing during their investigations)
  • He stopped to draw breath.
    ( = He had a rest because he was out of breath)
  • The actress drew the line at taking her clothes off.
    ( = She refused to go as far as that)
  • Christmas is drawing near.
    ( = It's getting closer)
  • The evening drew to a close.
    ( = It came to an end)
  • Draw up a chair and sit down.
    ( = Bring a chair closer)
  • He's always drawing attention to himself.
    ( = He wants people to notice him)

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