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When you chew your food, you gradually bite it into very small pieces.

  • The meat was very tough, so I had to chew it thoroughly before I could swallow it.

Check out collocations

  • You can chew gum, meat, and other foods.
  • When you're nervous, you might chew your nails or chew your lips.

Check out phrasal verbs

  • Peter made a strong argument that they should close the factory. It really gave the directors of the company something to chew on/over when they had their meeting.
    (chew on sth or chew sth over = to really think about something long and carefully)
  • The photocopier chewed up all the paper.
    (= tore up/destroyed)
Check out these expressions

  • The children like chewy sweets.
    (=sweets you have to chew, like toffee)
  • Fiona bit off more than she could chew when she took on that new job.
    (= tried to do something that was too difficult for her. To bite off more than you can chew.)
  • The old friends were chewing the fat in the pub. They hadn't met for a long time.
    (= talking about old times)
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  • bite
  • swallow
  • munch
  • gobble

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