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Huge means very large in terms of number, amount or size.

  • There was a huge number of people at the football match.
  • Mary arrived, carrying a huge suitcase. It was almost as big as she was.
In informal English, it can mean very significant.
  • This is my first Olympics, and I'm in the final. It's a huge moment for me.
Check out collocations

With adverbs

  • really huge
  • absolutely huge

With nouns

  • a huge event
  • a huge success
  • a huge amount of money
  • a huge day in my life
  • a huge disappointment
  • a huge gamble

Adverb with adjectives

  • hugely important/significant
  • hugely disappointing
  • hugely successful

Check out another meaning

Huge can mean successful. Note that this use is informal.

  • The Beatles were huge back in the sixties.
  • Nobody expected the book to be so huge, but millions of people all over the world bought it.
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  • enormous
  • vast
  • gigantic
  • immense
  • colossal
  • great

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