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A sketch is a drawing which has been done very quickly. It has very few details and is often done in preparation for a more careful drawing or painting.

  • The artist made many sketches of dancers before he painted Dancers in Motion.
  • It only took the pavement artist two minutes to sketch my sister, but he really caught her expression.

Check out collocations

With verbs

  • draw a quick sketch
  • make a sketch
  • do a sketch

With adjectives

  • a quick sketch
  • a rough sketch
  • a detailed sketch

In compounds

  • a sketchbook
  • a sketchpad

Check out words with the same root

A comedy sketch is a short funny scene in a show or on a TV programme.
A biographical sketch is a very brief biography.

Sketchy (adjective) means lacking detail.

  • a sketchy plan
  • sketchy information

Check out phrasal verbs

sketch out a plan/proposal
(= make a plan/proposal in very general terms)
sketch in a few details
(= add bits of information)


Check out related words

  • draw
  • drawing
  • outline
  • a rough draft
  • scribble
  • doodle
  • likeness

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