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busy (adjective)

Busy means you have a lot of things to do. It can also mean there are lots of people, cars, etc. in a place.

  • I'm sorry, but I'm very busy at the moment. Can I phone you later?
  • We live near a very busy road, so I don't let the children walk to school by themselves.

Check out collocations

  • a busy person
    (= someone with a lot of things to do)
  • a busy day, a busy schedule, a busy time
    (= a time when there is a lot of work to do)
  • a busy office, a busy road junction, a busy shopping centre
    (= a place where there a lot of people, cars, etc., and a lot of things happening)
  • a busy (telephone) line
    (= the line is engaged)

Check out different verbs and different forms

  • get busy
    (= start working)
    You've been sitting here all day. It's time you got busy.
  • keep (someone) busy
    (= give someone lots of things to do)
    Could you keep the children busy, while I go to the shops?
  • busy yourself
    (= make yourself busy)
    Jack busied himself tidying his room, while he waited for his friends to arrive.
  • be busy doing something
    (= using all your time doing something, often with a lot of effort)
    Paula is busy revising for her exams.

Check out these expressions

  • A busybody is an annoying person who always interferes in other people's business.
  • A busy bee is a person who always seems to have lots of things to do.

Check out related words

  • crowded
  • engaged
  • occupied

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