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Drop generally means to let fall or let go, either deliberately or by accident.

  • Jack deliberately dropped the plate onto his sister's head from the top of the stairs.
  • The waiter dropped the tray and all the plates broke.

It is often used with a metaphorical meaning.

  • The player played very badly, so the coach dropped him for the next match.

Check out things that we can drop

  • You can drop a name into a conversation if you want people to think you know famous people (you're a name-dropper, and lots of people like name-dropping).
  • If you accidentally say something to upset or embarrass people then you drop a clanger.
  • You might drop your eyes if you feel embarrassed.
    (= avoid looking at someone)
  • You can drop the subject if you don't want to talk about something any more.
  • If it's your birthday, and you want your friends to remember, you can always drop a hint.
    (= say something to remind them, but indirectly)
  • If you send a short letter to a friend then you drop them a line.
  • If you really want a change you can drop everything and go on holiday.

Check out some things that drop

  • The price of gold dropped.
    (= fell in price, probably quite quickly)
  • She looked confused for a while, but then the penny dropped.
    (= she suddenly understood)
  • His jaw dropped.
    (= he was open-mouthed with amazement)

Check out phrasal verbs

  • Drop me off at the corner, please.
    (= let me out of the car there)
  • It was really embarrassing when I dropped off in the middle of the lesson.
    (= fell asleep)
  • I'll drop by/round on my way home.
    (= visit for a short time)
  • My daughter has dropped out of college.
    (= left without finishing her studies)

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