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bored/boring (adjectives)


Adjectives with -ed describe how you feel. So, bored describes how you feel because there is nothing to do.

  • It was raining. There was nothing on TV. All my friends were away. I was very bored!

Adjectives with -ing describe what something is like. So, boring is used to describe things that are not interesting, where nothing happens.

  • The film lasted three hours, and nothing happened. It was a very boring film.

Compare bored and boring

  • The student was very bored. He drew pictures in his notebook, and looked out of the window.
    (= it describes how the student felt)
  • The teacher was very boring. He talked and talked and talked in a monotonous voice.
    (= it describes what the teacher was like)

Check out bored, tired, and annoyed

  • I've been walking in the mountains all day, and I feel very tired. I think I'll go to bed.
  • I've been at work all day, and nobody has washed up or cleaned the house. I feel very annoyed.
    (= a bit angry)
  • I've done nothing all day. I feel bored.

Check out collocations with boring

  • a boring day
  • a boring lesson/lecture
  • a boring town
  • a boring story
  • a boring conversation

Check out related words

  • tired/tiring
  • annoyed/annoying
  • dull
  • fed up
  • tedious
  • monotonous

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