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tasty (adjective)

Tasty means something has a nice flavour. It's good to eat.

  • You should try the spring rolls. They're really tasty.

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  • tasty food
  • a tasty morsel
  • a tasty snack

Compare tasty and delicious

When you try something for the first time, or eat something like a snack, you use tasty.

  • Let me try the sauce. Mmm. It's very tasty.

When you eat a meal, or something more substantial, you use delicious.

  • You're a great cook, Mary. That was delicious.

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  • She has very tasteful clothes.
  • Her house is tastefully decorated.
    (= well-chosen/suitable)


  • That was a tasteless thing to say. Apologize now.
  • Their house is tastelessly decorated. They have no idea about choosing colours or designs that go together.
    (= badly-chosen/unsuitable)

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  • delicious
  • flavoured
  • stylish

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