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Favourite means the one you like the most.

  • Luigi's is my favourite Italian restaurant. It has great food, great wine and great service.

Check out collocations

  • a favourite shirt
    (= the one you like wearing the most)
  • a favourite CD/movie
    (= the one you like listening to/watching the most)
  • a favourite spot
    (= the place you like to go to the most)
  • a favourite grandchild
    (= the grandchild you like and spoil the most)

Compare favourite, preferred and preferable

Preferred means the one you would choose above others. It is not commonly used, and usually only in formal situations.

  • Miss Jones was the preferred candidate at interview.

Preferable means that something is better or more desirable.

  • You could come in a suit and tie if you wish. However, a dinner jacket and bow tie would be preferable.

Check out the noun

  • I love vanilla and strawberry ice cream, but chocolate is my favourite.
    (= the one I like best)
  • And now on East Coast radio, we're going to play that all-time favourite, Moon River.
    (= the one many people have always liked)
  • Running Wild was clear favourite for the big horse race, but finished last.
    (= the one expected to win)

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  • preferred
  • favoured
  • preferable
  • best

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