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If you stare at someone or something then you look at them directly for a long time.

  • She was so beautiful that everybody stared at her as she walked past.
Check out these expressions

  • What are you staring at? It's rude to stare.
  • Ruth wasn't scared of him at all. He stared at her, but she just stared back (at him).
  • They were so in love that they just stared into each other's eyes all evening.
  • Since the accident, Paula just sits at her window, staring into space. (= looking at nothing in particular)
  • The boxers tried to stare each other down / stare each other out.
    (= to make the other person stop looking at them first)
  • The solution was staring me in the face.
    (= was obvious all the time)
  • At the top of the mountain Tom stared death in the face, but he survived.
    (= came close to death. If you stare something in the face, you come close to it.)
Check out the noun and its collocations

  • She gave me a hard stare.
    (= she stared at me angrily)
  • He held her stare.
    (= she stared at him, and he stared back at her)
  • She felt nervous under his stare.
  • She looked at him with a blank stare.
    (= with no expression)
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