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mind (verb)

Mind can mean to feel unhappy or annoyed (1), to be careful (2), and to look after (3). It is used in many expressions.

  • 'Do you mind if I smoke?' 'Yes, I do mind. Please put that cigarette out.' (1)
  • Mind the broken glass on the floor. (2)
  • Will you mind the children while I go to the shops? (3)

Check out expressions with meaning 1

When mind means to feel unhappy or annoyed, it is usually used in the negative or questions.

  • I don't mind working late.
    (= it's not a problem. Note the –ing form)
  • Would you mind opening the window for me?
    (= a polite request)
  • Don't mind him. He's always rude.
    (= ignore him)
  • If you don't mind, I'd like to go home now.
    (= with your permission. Note that this is often said with strong stress on don't and an angry tone – it means you are angry.)
  • If you don't mind me saying so, you have some food on your chin.
    (= if I may say this politely, without offending you)
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When mind means be careful (of) or pay attention to, it is often used in the imperative.

  • Mind out! It's dangerous here.
  • Mind your own business. It's got nothing to do with you.
  • Mind your manners, children. Say thank you to Aunt Joan.
  • It's a lovely restaurant with great food. Mind you, it is expensive.
    (= but pay attention, let's not forget)
  • Bye, Frank. Mind how you go.
    (= a friendly way to say goodbye)
Check out the uses of never mind and wouldn't mind

Look at the uses in these conversations.

A I wouldn't mind going out tonight.
(= I would quite like to)
B Never mind that. You've got homework to do.
(= this is not important in comparison to the other thing)

A I failed the spelling test today.
B Never mind. Have a biscuit.
(= don't worry. It's not so important)

A Can you get me a beer, John?
B Sure. Where's the fridge?
A Never mind. I'll get it myself.
(= it's OK – it's not important – I'll do it myself)

A What are you talking about?
B Never you mind.
(= it's none of your business)

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