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mood (noun)

Your mood is how you are feeling at a particular moment.

  • `I need to ask the boss for a pay rise today. How is he?'
    `Oh, he's in a bad mood at the moment. I'd ask another time.'

Check out collocations

Note in a ...

  • Paul's in a good mood.
    (= he feels happy and friendly)
  • Sheila's in a bad mood.
    (= she feels angry, bad-tempered, unfriendly)
  • Henry's in a terrible mood.
    (= a very bad mood)
  • Sue's in a strange mood.
    (= I don't understand how she feels – she is unpredictable)
  • John's in a funny mood.
    (= the same as a strange mood)
  • The boss is in a mood.
    (= he's angry or bad-tempered)

Check out its idiomatic meaning

In the mood for/to means you feel like doing something.

  • I'm in the mood for going out tonight. Where shall we go?
  • Sam sent the children to bed because he was in no mood to sit and listen to them arguing with each other.

Check out its other use

Mood can also refer to how a group of people feel about things.

  • As soon as the away team scored the second goal, the mood in the crowd became ugly and angry.
  • The exhibition captured the mood of the early fifties.

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