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To lick means to use your tongue to taste something or make it wet.

  • Simon licked his ice cream.
  • Paula licked the back of the postage stamp.

Lick can also be used as a noun.

  • I'll just have a lick of your ice cream.

Check out what you can lick

You can

  • lick your fingers,
  • lick a spoon or a bowl clean
  • lick a lollipop.

Cats can lick their fur.

Check out phrasal verbs

  • lick sth off
    The baby licked the jam off the spoon.
  • lick out
    The children licked out the bowl.
  • lick up
    The cat licked up the milk.

Check out expressions

  • If you lick someone's boots, you try too hard to please them.
    He's always licking the boss's boots. I think he wants promotion.
  • If you lick your wounds, you go away and reflect on a defeat or failure.
    Don't talk to the manager. He's still licking his wounds after failing to get that contract.
  • If you lick your lips, you feel excited about something that's going to happen.
    He was licking his lips at the idea of a business trip to Thailand.
  • If you lick people into shape, you train them or discipline them so that they are presentable.
    The sergeant licked the new soldiers into shape.
  • If you have a problem licked, you have solved it.
    Don't worry about the computer problem. I'll soon have it licked.

Check out related words

  • taste
  • suck
  • moisten

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