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Welcome to the insight Student's site with easy access to the Workbook audio and Wordlists.

Workbook audio and Wordlists

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insight Advanced Workbook Audio - Part 1 ZIP (48 MB)

Advanced • Audio

insight Advanced Workbook Audio - Part 2 ZIP (56 MB)

Advanced • Audio

insight Advanced wordlist PDF (523 KB)

Advanced • Wordlists

insight Elementary wordlist PDF (802 KB)

Elementary • Wordlists

insight Elementary workbook audio ZIP (1 MB)

Elementary • Audio

insight Intermediate wordlist PDF (1 MB)

Intermediate • Wordlists

insight Intermediate workbook audio ZIP (1 MB)

Intermediate • Audio

insight Pre-intermediate wordlist PDF (802 KB)

Pre-Intermediate • Wordlists

insight Pre-intermediate workbook audio ZIP (1 MB)

Pre-Intermediate • Audio

insight Upper-intermediate wordlist PDF (802 KB)

Upper-Intermediate • Wordlists

insight Upper-intermediate workbook audio ZIP (85 MB)

Upper-Intermediate • Audio