narrative tenses

Complete the text using the correct form of the verb. Type the verb into the box.

Last Friday I arranged (arrange) to meet my boyfriend at a restaurant. I (1) scoring (arrive) first and because it (2) scoring (pour) with rain, I went inside. After an hour my boyfriend (3) scoring (arrive)! His clothes (4) scoring (be) soaking wet and he was covered in mud. Apparently he (5) scoring (wait) at a bus stop when a car (6) scoring (drive) straight through a puddle and (7) scoring (splash) him from head to toe. The driver (8) scoring (refuse) to let him on the bus and he(9) scoring(walk) ever since. He couldn't stay at the restaurant soaking wet so we (10) scoring (have) a take away at home instead.

Need help with this exercise? See natural English upper-intermediate student's book pp.59, 60, 159 and 160.

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