Video 3: Selfridges

Play the video. Reorder the letters to complete the sentences.


  1. When Selfridges first opened, there weren't any big (igb) department stores in London.
  2. People thought Selfridges was amazing (gmaazni) when it first opened.
  3. There were cheap (paehc) clothes in the bargain basement.
  4. Today, Selfridges is modern and sometimes noisy (nsyoi).
  5. Selfridges in London is in an amazing old (ldo) building.

Social and Emotional Learning

2. Answer the questions.

  • Department stores are very convenient because they sell a lot of different things, but some people prefer using smaller shops. Why do you think this is?
  • Do you or a family member use department stores? If so, what do you or your family members like about them?