Video 2: Transport in London

Play the video. Reorder the letters to complete the summary.


There are many different ways to travel around London. Many people use cars (arcs) to go to work, school and for shopping. But this is not the only way to travel. People use other forms of transport that are quicker (ckreiuq) and easier than driving a car. Some people travel by bus. This is cheaper (hrpeeac) than using the train, which is very expensive. Riding a bicycle around London is very popular (pplroua), but some people think this is more dangerous (ouaednrgs) than using a car, a bus or a train. The oldest (otlsed) underground railway in the world is in London. This is called the Tube. Another way to travel around is by taxi. The taxis in London are black and they are called black cabs. Travelling by taxi is more expensive (eeevisnpx) than using the Tube or the bus.

Social and Emotional Learning

2. Answer the questions.

  • What forms of transport do people use the most in cities in your country?
  • Which is the most dangerous? Why?
  • What can you do to make this form of transport safer?