Video 3: World festivals

1. Play the video. Choose the correct answer.


  1. The Notting Hill Carnival started in the middle of the .
  2. There are traditional lion dancers in the festival to celebrate .
  3. Boishakhi Mela is happening in next year.
  4. Boishakhi Mela celebrates culture.
  5. The fireworks during Chinese New Year are going to be and even more exciting than last year.

Social and Emotional Learning

2. Imagine you live in London and some friends from your country want to visit you next year to see a local festival. Answer the questions:

  • Which festival from the video do you want to show them? Why?
  • Are there any world festivals in your country? If so, describe them. What part of the world is the festival from? What does it celebrate? What food do people eat?